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Certain ecological agriculture Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, "XX church", "Xin Tong", "Panda Group" for the company registered trademarks. Deep processing and sales, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development of bamboo shoots of natural resources, is the national green food demonstration enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, SMEs in Zhejiang Province, Huzhou City, the focus of agricultural enterprises. The company covers an area of 8000 square meters, and has a green food raw material base of more than 28680 mu. Company's products are divided into food ingredients, seasoning, leisure, functional series, nearly a hundred varieties. The company has declared and passed the national green food and ISO22000 certification.
Now the "thunder" product sales market has the radiation, to the river, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Beijing, Henan as the focus, including open line of super, high-end restaurants, chain restaurants, excellent sales platform, as well as universities, large enterprises canteens, temples and other sales channels; and online shopping malls, Tmall Alibaba integrity Shop No. 1 specialty shop, ICBC financial E purchase, commercial bank Feng acquisition business platform. "Thunder bamboo" has become the bamboo products industry in the "famous brand", the first choice of consumers. On the one hand, the company attaches great importance to marketing, and on the other hand attaches importance to the R & D of new products. For continuous innovation, breakthrough the traditional product structure, the company introduced Shanghai Institute of Food Research Institute of nutrition expert Professor Peng Guizhang, Professor Peng as the technology leader in enterprise R & D team in Huzhou city was rated as the second batch of "365" outstanding innovation team; the company set up a research and Development Center of provincial level high-tech enterprises, and the establishment of enterprise academician expert the workstation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Zhao Guoping cooperation, aims at in-depth research on bamboo shoots, improve the technological content of products, improve the added value of the products, in order to speed up the development of enterprises, promote local bamboo farmers rich target.
Development strategy: do good, do special big. To be superior, we should have high quality operation and benefit; if we want to do something special, we should give full play to our comparative advantages and have distinctive features.
Strategic layout: a double wings support, which led to the green ecological planting, farmers leisure logistics and agricultural science and technology as the core to the wings, deep processing of agricultural projects and special agricultural products to support the implementation of the company, ready to leap development kunpeng.
Strategic objective: to set up provincial leading demonstration enterprises, strive for national demonstration enterprises, and strive to build "Huai mining and agricultural products" into an influential brand in the whole province and even the whole country.
General idea: the industrial layout of modern agriculture at home and abroad to follow the development of modern agriculture and national law "in 13th Five-Year", adhere to the 123 industrial integration, to create green agricultural products production, breeding and integration, agricultural logistics, agricultural science and technology, leisure experience mutual support, with the characteristics of modern ecological agriculture demonstration enterprise.